9AM TO 4PM Daily


Rates effective April 1, 2022

TypeHourlyDaily (24 hours)3-Day Rate5-Day Rate
Beach Cruiser
Beach Cruiser
$5.00$20.00$17.00 per day$15.00 per day
w/ Tag-a-Long
$7.00$28.00$24.00 per day$22.00 per day
w/ Child seat child seat$6.00$24.00$20.00 per day$18.00 per day
Children’s 20″ Cruiser kids 20$5.00$20.00$17.00 per day$15.00 per day
Children’s 24″ Cruiser kids 24$5.00$20.00$17.00 per day$15.00 per day
Geared Bicycles Geared Bike$7.00$28.00$24.00 per day$22.00 per day
Adult Tricycle 3wheeler$5.00$20.00$17.00 per day$15.00 per day
Tandem Cruiser tandem$8.00$32.00$28.00 per day$25.00 per day
Kiddie Kart (beach cruiser rented separately) kiddie kart$5.00$20.00$17.00 per day$15.00 per day

We also recommend a helmet for safety and bike locks for security. $1 each per day.
We offer baskets for convenience. $2 each per day.

Beach Cruisers